Allen Acres
Horsemanship Gathering

Horsemanship Gathering

2015 Schedule
May 2 - FULL
May 16- Openings

June 20- (1) spot left

July 11- (1) spot left

August 15- Openings

Time: 10-3 (1 hr break for lunch, please bring your own lunch)

Cost: $100.00

A $50.00 non refundable deposit required to hold your spot. Please indicate on your check which gathering you would like to attend. I will notify you when your deposit has been received to confirm your spot.  Please make checks payable to, Amy Allen and include a number that I can text your confirmation, or an email address. 

Max 6 participants

Contact Amy to sign up and reserve you spot. 
Call or text; 360-480-5327

Mailing address for deposit is;
Amy Allen Horsemanship
P.O. Box 13008
Olympia, WA 98508


What are some topics at Horsemanship Gatherings?
Groundwork and under saddle; 
Timing, feel, balance, understanding how horses think and why, getting with the horses thoughts and timing up with the feet, understanding footfall, how to read the horses thoughts, clarity so you can communicate with the horse more clearly, communication in the horses language, building your confidence so you can be a better leader and partner to your horse, working with a flag, desensitizing and building the horses confidence, doing too much and doing too little, adjusting to the horse, riding in lightness and balance, more.....

Suggested Equipment 
Nothing is more frustrating than spending money on equipment  that doesn't help you when you work with your horse. I have added a few links to help you find good quality equipment. If you have any questions about equipment please let me know, I would be happy to help.

-Plain Rope halter.  Sunset halters are Washington made, you can find a variety at Tack Room Too in Tumwater, or go to Sunset Halters. A plain rope halter is best, you don't need extra knots, remember the goal is lightness. If you can't get it with a plain rope halter you need to work on your timing and feel.

-12'-14' horsemanship rope without any hardware (I can show you how to attach). Tack Room Too also has a selection. Theirs comes with a snap which is easily removed. I encourage all participants to work with a halter and lead that does not have hardware and I explain this in more detail during the gathering.

-Horsemanship Flag and another source for the horsemanship flag.  (Tip: the stainless steel ones are better)

-Bridle with snaffle bit, leather chin strap and mecate reins and another source Mecate reins  (Tip: 22' )
 You can purchase all of the above at Tack Room Too or TLC Tack. 

-English or western saddle

Riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet. 

If you would like to schedule a gathering at your facility, or get together with your friends and have a private gathering at Allen Acres,  please contact Amy to make arrangements. 


Amy  Allen
Amy Allen Horsemanship
Shelton, WA. 98584
Cell: 360.480.5327


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