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I specialize in building rider confidence through knowledge and understanding the horse. Lessons are given in a patient environment and we certainly have fun. I teach at your pace and no question is considered a dumb question. I also work with those who have been traumatized or have fear issues. If you have had a bad experience with a horse, and would like to try again, I can work with you to help you overcome your fears.

Beginner to advanced, those who have never ridden, those who want to learn how to connect to the feet, build confidence, develop a better seat and hands and learn how to communicate with and understand her/his horse.

Private lessons available to improve your Horsemanship.

All offsite lessons are a minimum of two hours, $80.00
, and may include an additional travel fee depending on location. If you are boarding, please make sure it is ok with your facility owner(s) to have a trainer come and instruct, if not you will need to haul to Allen Acres. If you boarding facility charges an additional fee (haul in fee), you are responsible for that fee.  

Lessons at Allen Acres with our horses
One hour private lesson using one of our horses- $45.00. 
Two hour private lesson using one of our horses- $85.00

Haul in private lessons at Allen Acres
One hour private lesson on your horse - $40.00
Two hour private lesson on your horse- $80.00

24 hr notice for lesson cancellations please. 




Amy helped me learn to trust my horse, and earn his trust. She thinks about the rider and the horse while 

most trainers focus on one or the other. She knows how to teach, figures out your style and helps you to build confidence. She is friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough good things about her!

Catherine Adams, Santa Clara, CA 

Our Horses

Name: Raven
DOB: 1993
Breed: QH
15.2 hands high
Dark Bay

Raven is a nice
 big boned mare and a smooth canter. She is a powerful mover and has a large forward stride, so she is used for advanced beginners who have established good balance.


Name: Red
DOB: 1993
Breed: QH/Morgan
15.2 hands high
Red is an energetic horse with a lot of personality. He is awesome at ground work and under saddle he is very responsive. 

 Registered name: Docks Dame Destiny
Barn name: Destiny
DOB: 2002
14.2 hands high
Breed: Double Registered Rocky Mountain/Kentucky Mountain

Destiny is a confidence builder. She has a quiet temprament and is good at teaching all the basics of groundwork and the lower gaits. 

DOB: 2001 (estimated by horse dentist)
Sorrel with flaxen mane and tail
15 hands high
QH or QH cross. 

Bob was a "rescue" from a pasture where he could not be caught. The too tight halter was left on him, thus the scar on his nose. Bob has a very quiet temprament and loves attention (and food). He is used for beginner lessons, trail riding and is a confidence builder. He has very smooth gaits. Students fall in love with Bob and anyone can ride him. 

Registered name: Alexander Dawson
Barn name: Alex 
DOB: 1995
14.2 hands high
Breed: Registered Morgan
Liver chestnut
Alex is a well trained little morgan who often likes to show his big attitude, other times he just wants all the love and attention you are willing to give him. Alex is used for select lessons, those who have a good start with feel, balance and confidence. 



Here is a video of my husband, Kevin, doing some round pen work with Illiad.

Barn name: Iliad or Ily
DOB: 1996 (estimated by horse dentist)
Breed: Belgian
17.2 hands high
Chestnut roan w/ Flaxen mane and tail

Iliad is my husband's horse and he was rescued from a Yakima feed lot kill pen. Since he is a part of the family I had to included him. He is generally not used for lessons. 




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