Amy Allen, a horsewoman who has a good sense of timing, balance and feel when it comes to training horses. 
"I start with ground work using horsemanship methods, feeling of the horse and clearly communicating with them in their language. I work hard to build a trusting relationship, change their thoughts, helping them to learn and grow at their pace."

Amy is also a teacher in training with the Ecole de Légèreté, or School of Lightness, founded by Philippe Karl. For more information check out Philippe Karls web page. 

This is my registered Pinto mare, Chloe. I purchased her, and her dam, when she was one month old. Using horsemanship methods, I started her when she was four years old. She will be turning seven in 2019. She has strong opinions but we have built a trusting relationship. You can follow our Légèreté journey on my Facebook page. 

Amy Allen


Amy Allen is passionate about her work with the horse. A trainer located in Shelton, WA, who enjoys working with all types of horses and people. Amy also uses her horses to teach Horsemanship, or travels to your location to give you lessons on your horse. She teaches a wide range of ages and levels, building confidence, expanding knowledge and increasing their awareness.

Amy's experience began early--at 2 years old, as her late mother and sister are avid horsewomen. Her older sister bought her her first pony, a Welsh/Shetland cross by the name of Misty. She spent hours and hours riding and driving her pony all over West Newbury, MA. Over the years, Amy has studied a variety of riding disciplines, took innumerable lessons, worked with talented horsemen and women, and showed saddle seat on beautiful Morgan horses.

During the 90's Amy was part of a great team at Conestoga Run Farm in Pennsylvania.  She worked with trainer Eric Krichten (Cedar Ridge Arabians), and now trainer Julie Witmer (Omni Arabians). It was quite the experience traveling all over the East coast showing Egyptian Arabian horses. "Working with Eric and Julie, we were a great team, we worked hard and played hard. The days were long, especially at the shows, but I do have fond memories of that time in my life."

Amy's training is based upon Horsemanship and Classical Dressage. She studies and has ridden with Buck Brannaman and Leslie Desmond. She also studies the work of Ray Hunt, Bill and Tom Dorrance, Sally Swift and Phillipe Karl. She has also learned a great deal from the horse, the ultimate teacher.

"One of my cherished training mentors was a wise cowboy by the name of Bill Wall. Not a big name, well known trainer but a gentle cowboy who was once one of those break em' cowboys. He learned the gentle methods of Horsemanship and took me under his wing, teaching me the patient way to work with the horse, increasing my awareness, understanding why they do what they do and communicating in their language. Bill is the one who taught me 'wait on the horse', I can still hear him saying it every time those words come out of my mouth. I was not always a patient student, and some lessons were hard learned and frustrating, but it was well worth it".
"Feel of the horse, feel him reach for you when you reach for him" Amy says, "You will have a much better relationship once you understand 'feel'. I am not unique, nor do I have special talents, I am passionate about what I do and I work hard, so I can give the horse a better deal".

This is known as Horsemanship, the idea being to communicate with horses in their language, develop trust and awareness, and have confidence while moving with your horse. 

Amy has learned that rushing to get a result often takes longer if the horse is not ready. "Wait on the horse" is a term that you will frequently hear her say, "timing is everything". Once you understand the horse's reason for what he does and you increase your awareness, you will begin to communicate in their language. Horses are prey animals and will run away when frightened, if they can't run they will fight, another option is to shut down. Once you earn their trust and change their thoughts, they become a willing partner, working with you without resistance". 

"Knowledge, patience, awareness, timing, communicating in the horses language, feel, and an open mind are ways to build a good relationship with your horse. The learning never ends, we need to listen to the horse.  I want your horse experience to be safe, educational and enjoyable."